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CBD Scam Alert 2019: Part II

A new analysis of seven major CBD brands reveals that the industry still struggles with accurate labels and potencies. Find out which brands got named and which ones got shamed in Part II of our 2019 CBD Scam Alert.

The biggest risk of taking CBD could come from getting ripped off. Are fraudulent retailers duping CBD consumers into buying old-fashioned snake oil?

A local NBC news station in Miami recently analyzed over 35 CBD products from 7 different major brands and reminded everyone that the CBD industry is filled with fake CBD products.

Read Part I of the 2019 CBD Scam Alert First!

In Part I of our story, we told you about the Penn State analysis that revealed only about a third of CBD products on the market were actually accurately labeled.

In the primer to Part II, we cover everything you need to know about buying quality CBD products. And we show you how to spot fraudulent CBD sources, as well as what you should look for in a high-quality CBD product.

Before you read Part II of our coverage, make sure you get caught up on everything you need to know in 2019 CBD Scam Alert Part I.

50% of CBD Products Less Potent Than Labeled, Evio Lab Results

2019 CBD Scam Alert CBD Hemp Temple
2019 CBD Scam Alert CBD Hemp Temple

A local NBC6 News station in Miami recently tested 35 different CBD products. They bought five different products from seven different CBD Brands each and sent them to Evio Labs for independent analysis.

The lab analysis tested for CBD concentrations in each product. Then, NBC researchers say they compared the lab results with the CBD content labeled on each product.

What they found was alarming for consumers, and for people hoping to find relief with CBD. Twenty of the thirty-five products, more than fifty percent, contained less than half of the CBD concentrations they were labeled to have.

The NBC story both named some brands that passed the test and shamed some other CBD manufacturers that didn’t.

Patients are being duped. Theyre buying products that really arent going to benefit them, Chris Martinez, President of Evio Labs told reporters.

CBD Gummies Scam Alert

CBD-rich hemp oil
Are CBD Gummies legal in all 50 states for pain?

One of the most popular CBD products, infused Gummies, was found to have some of the most discrepancies between the CBD content indicated and the lab results by Evio.

According to the report, the investigators bought 5 packages of “5 Max Strength Gummies” from Hemp Bombs Gummies. The CBD indicated per Gummie was 15 mg, but Evio’s tests show each Gummie had 2.2 mg of CBD or less.

If Evio’s results are accurate, that means Hemp Bombs Gummies might be a rip off and a fraud.

An attorney for the company responded to NBC’s story saying that he couldn’t verify Evio’s test results and that the company is now infusing their Gummies instead of just ‘sprinkling it on them’.

Another line of Gummies shamed was Gold Line whose 25 mg Gummies only tested for 10.5 mg of CBD or less per Gummie. That’s a huge difference in dosage and cost.

A spokesperson for the company said it was a mix up in product photos, calling it an ‘innocent mistake’. Maybe. Perhaps Evio’s results are fraudulent. Or, Gold Line may have been ripping people off by selling 10 mg Gummies at the 25 mg price.

A third brand of Gummies tested was being marketed by a Miami based surgery recovery website to contain 1,000 mg of CBD per package.

Yet results from Evio’s analysis showed that, out of five different packs, none of them contained any CBD at all!

CBD Oil Brands Named in NBCs Story

CBD Oil Labels
CBD Oil Labels


According to the report, the investigators tested five different CBD oils from a company called Jolly Green Oil, and all five had less than half the amount of CBD claimed by the company.

The report didn’t shame out all CBD companies though. There was a couple that made the cut by having the correct amount of CBD concentrations indicated on the label.

Is the NBC CBD Oil Story Fake News?

FDA Corruption
FDA Corruption

Could it be possible that this NBC6 investigation could be a scheme by certain CBD manufacturers to put their brand above others?

Could it be a conspiracy by Big Pharma to keep CBD in the hands of the FDA and globalist corporations for major profits?

Who knows? It’s only speculative at this point to ask such things, but it’s not at all irrational to suggest the idea.

There’s no doubt that the FDA colludes with corrupt doctors and Big Pharma to control medicines in order to control profits and the health industry. Even Harvard has published papers calling out the FDA’s corrupt practices.

I’ve written extensively about the history of corruption and collusion between the FDA, Big Gov, and Big Pharma.

The only way to know if Evio’s lab results are indeed accurate and truthful would be to analyze the same exact products tested at one or more different independent laboratories.

It’s been suggested that many hemp and marijuana testing companies have been corrupted to forge test results to show higher potencies, at the right price of course. Extensive comparative analysis by some cannabis companies reveals that it’s not a far-fetched conspiracy after all.

I’m just saying it wouldn’t be the first time that a mainstream media outlet and some guys in lab coats lied to the public about consumer products.

We’re talking about CBD, a non-toxic, non-addictive substance that can save lives; potentially reduce risks of chronic disease, improve chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more.

I think that this is a big topic for the health and pharmaceutical industry to be concerned with, and they most definitely are.

Baldwin Fuentes of Greenroads says the company spends $10,000 every month to conduct three levels of testing.

They get checked where we buy it from, when it comes in the door and when we get it back from manufacturing.

Fuentes says that products with a bar code or batch number are best as they can be tracked to when and where it was manufactured. Most legitimate companies should have test results that can be matched to those batch numbers and the product to verify the CBD concentration.

CBD Hemp Temple, Home of Real CBD 

Here at CBD Hemp Temple, we believe in the power and potential of CBD. We’re always researching and reporting on all the latest studies and industry news on all things CBD and Health.

If you want to get real, honest information about CBD, then this is your temple. Claims from anyone who seems to have all the answers about CBD or says that it will cure all your problems, should be an immediate red flag.

Yes, CBD works! But to use it effectively for your needs, you must first learn about dosages, potencies, cannabinoid ratios and their effects, as well as the different methods of taking CBD oil. You also have to learn how to avoid fake CBD and how to spot the real deal, and that’s why we wrote the 2019 CBD Scam Alert.

CBD Hemp Temple

That’s why we are here. We created CBD Hemp Temple because we saw that people who are in pain, people with severe anxiety, people with chronic conditions, and many others are all looking for a safe alternative to relief.

Yet, they are largely underserved and taken advantage of. If not by the pharmaceutical industry, then by fraudulent snake oil salesmen claiming they have the cure. If you’re looking for the real deal, authentic, clean, pure, high-quality guaranteed CBD, we’ve taken the time to sort through the riff-raff to source only the best CBD Hemp Extract to formulate our products. Just swing on over to the CBD Hemp Temple Shop now to browse our catalogue.

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