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CBD Hemp TempleHello, I’m Aaron, the founder of CBD Hemp Temple. I’m honored that you’ve made it to the Temple! I started this company on a couple of simple, but important values. First, I promise to provide only the highest quality CBD, without compromise. Second, it has to be affordable. People shouldn’t have to go broke to stay healthy. This is the story of the CBD Hemp Temple.


First-Hand Experience

My journey began working with licensed producers planting and cultivating hundreds of thousands of high CBD Hemp plants in Southern Oregon.

I worked several seasons with local craft organic growers and learned everything about high CBD Hemp from seed to finish including processing and extraction.

Producing a high grade CBD concentrate is truly a delicate art form.


CBD Research & Study

At that same time in my life, I had also made another bold career decision. I began working as a freelance writer. I learned the ropes pretty quick and in no time I knew exactly what my niche was – CBD! I had no idea where it would lead me, but I became a dedicated researcher and writer of all things CBD working for many notable media companies.

I was contracted to write about CBD in just about any capacity you can think about. Months turned into years of reading scientific journals and studies on CBD’s health benefits. My CBD knowledge even led me to land a #1 ranking for CBD Writer on the freelancing platform Upwork. Being contracted by bigger and bigger clients, I realized that I was on to something.


CBD Industry

As my career grew, I noticed something that concerned me. Not all of them, but many of the people out there selling CBD had no clue what they were doing. They didn’t understand the plant or the complex conditions many people were dealing with.

Most of them, when they realized the potential of CBD, just had dollar signs in their eyes.

On the other side of the equation, I saw that consumers also had very little understanding of CBD or even knew what it was. Many of the people searching for CBD were suffering from severe medical problems or were interested in a safe alternative to prescription drugs for pain, anxiety, depression, and other issues.


They were parents with sick children, or elderly people with too many prescriptions, even patients with advanced chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, or mental illness.

These people represented those most vulnerable among us. I felt that the majority of  CBD retailers were failing to provide the level of quality service and care needed.

I watched as reports on the CBD market revealed an extensive problem with product contamination, inaccurate labeling, and misleading scams.

I felt not only that I could do something to help, but with my knowledge and experience, that I had a responsibility to do something.


CBD Wisdom

I know this plant. I know it from top to bottom and inside out. I know CBD. I know what science can tell us about it, and what we have yet to understand about its effects.

Sure, I’m definitely not a doctor, but you don’t need a PhD to see that CBD is helping people live a better quality of life, and in many cases even saving lives.

I have extensive first-hand experience working with this plant in the field, years of researching and writing about every aspect of CBD science, and the compassion to provide a helpful and beneficial service.


CBD Hemp Temple

I thought about the vulnerable, uninformed consumers out there who were lost in the marketing and hype without any compassionate guidance.

I decided that I must offer my wisdom and experience to service and good use. I’ve always wanted to help others and find a way to ease unnecessary suffering in whatever way I can and what better way than by launching my own brand of CBD.


I believe in the healing properties of CBD and believe I can help you discover them for yourself. I’m not making any claims that CBD could cure any condition, but if you want to learn about this safer, effective alternative, then this is your Temple.

I encourage taking a moment to explore the content and resources available to you to learn about CBD’s effects, benefits, risks, and more.


Thank you

I feel its time to unravel what nearly a century of prohibition has suppressed and rediscover CBD, the safe alternative.


I am so grateful you’ve discovered the CBD Hemp Temple and I humbly ask you to join us on this journey of rediscovery by signing up for our mailing list, bookmark the CBD Hemp Temple in your browser, connect with us on social media, and engage with us by liking, sharing, and commenting our content.


I’m incredibly excited for you to include us in your own journey and can’t wait to see the healing continue to unfold.


In gratitude,

Aaron M. Herlocker

Owner & Operator
CBD Hemp Temple

CBD Hemp Temple

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